Chianti offers one of the most famous landscapes in the world, celebrated by painters and poets due to the surrounding natural beauty of olive trees, rows of vineyards and the gentle outline of the hills crowned by cypresses.

In the midst of the revived country houses, in the heart of Podere, this beautiful property is born. Conserving the true charm and charisma with the original vaults of pebbles, terracotta arches and historic dovecote, this is the real original Chianti country hamlet, consisting of three buildings separated by a farmyard paved with local stone, now used as a relaxing panoramic terrace.

Casello Country House is located on a hill overlooking the Vignamaggio Valley, where from the rooms and terrace, you can easily enjoy the tranquility of the country atmosphere by relaxing into a good book, or tantalizing your tastebuds with the Italian cuisine and fine wines.

The grounds extend over seven hectares, two of which are planted with beautiful vines. Olive groves runs through three hectares of the grounds and two hectares boast beautiful tall trees.

The country house is located 25km from Florence, 33km from Siena and only 1km from the medieval village of Panzano, whose historic center still remains in perfect preservation.