Casello Country House' commitment to safely host.

Casello Country House has continued to follow in recent months the developments linked to the spread of the Coronavirus Epidemic that has shocked the whole world. While waiting to welcome our guests back with the usual warmth, and without prejudice to what distinguishes us that we are proud of, namely the excellence of our services and the attention to every detail, we have worked to implement a series of preventive measures, in line with the indications given by both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the government, to protect the well-being of all and ensure safety during future stays at our locations.

A series of procedures have been adopted and will be implemented until the end of the pandemic to protect personal health of everyone in all common areas and in the rooms, in the strictest compliance with current laws and regulations, so that our guests can enjoy their stay in a safe, protected and clean location.


We will continue to perform the check in with the professionalism, kindness and sense of welcome that have always been our pride and joy.
Upon arrival, all luggage will be sanitized before it is delivered to the rooms, in order to keep the rooms as clean and uncontaminated as possible.

Our staff will be equipped with masks, gloves and an infrared thermometer to measure body temperature, as an additional preventive measure for the health of all guests and staff.

We will also give the possibility to each guest who wishes to do a web check in advance, by filling in a special form where all personal data will be requested, in order to speed up the registration process on arrival and thus avoiding gatherings at the reception.


In addition to the regular cleaning operations that were already carried out several times a day in the past, we will carry out additional sanitizing operations in all the common areas and corridors of the property, using specific products such as those certified as medical-surgical devices to disinfect and sanitize floors and contact surfaces (handles, doors, handrails, etc.). The housekeepers will be trained in advance and constantly informed about the new procedures to be adopted and the new ways to sanitize the environments ad hoc. Dispenser columns containing disinfectant gel will be placed at various points in the public areas.


Extraordinary cleaning and sanitizing procedureswill also be adopted in the rooms, certified disinfectant products will be used as well as medical and surgical devices. Particular attention will be given to all contact surfaces (doors, handles, wardrobes, furniture, bathroom shelves, television remote control, room temperature management plate, etc.). All the linen used in the hotel will undergo washing cycles with special sanitizing products and at high temperatures for an antibacterial effect.